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Hand Painting Eggs for Spring Decor

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

As far as fresh eggs go, I think a multicolored egg basket from a mixed flock is hard to beat for beautiful kitchen décor. But for Easter décor (& spring in general) hand painted eggs make the sweetest additions to centerpieces, coffee table styling and more!

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Hand painting eggs is a fun and simple activity to do out in the gorgeous spring weather! This quick and relaxing spring craft makes for beautiful décor pieces to sprinkle around your home or gather together in one piece. You could add them to a centerpiece or pile them in a bowl or clear vase all together. Wherever they end up, I love that my happy little flock gets in on our spring décor.


First thing's first, pick your paint colors! I would suggest picking only 3-5 colors including white (unless your eggs are white) to keep a cohesive color scheme. Pick colors that compliment your spring and Easter décor and ones that will look beautiful on your different colored eggs.

A note on paint: if you plan to eventually eat the eggs, make sure you use food-safe paint. I would opt for paints that use natural ingredients like Natural Earth Paints (bonus: this company is a certified women-owned business!) If you are unsure if the paint you get/have is food-safe, do not eat the eggs after painting.

Other supplies you will need:

  • Paint 🤍

  • Paint brush 🖌️

  • Palette 🎨

  • Cup of water 💧

  • A sunny day to enjoy your craft! ☀️


Next you'll need to prepare your eggs. Whether you plan to eat them or not, wash the eggs before painting to get any dirt or residue off so the paint will stick. To wash the eggs, run them briefly under warm water and pat dry with a paper towel or absorbent cloth. Mossy Meadow Farm has a great blog about washing farm fresh eggs! If you plan to eat them, hard boil the eggs before painting and then pat dry.

We get four different colored eggs from our flock of hens, a light blue, light green, light brown, and speckled brown. I chose to paint an equal number of each color. 😊

Don't have farm fresh eggs? You can use eggs from a local farmers market or ask your neighborhood homesteader -- chances are they have some extra 😉 The main thing to keep in mind is that if you are going to set out your eggs as décor, you want to make sure they have never been refrigerated. Farm fresh eggs can sit out for 4+ weeks and still be good, but once refrigerated, they cannot be left out.


Now that you have clean eggs and all your supplies, it's time to paint your farm fresh eggs. I chose to do 4 different patterns and painted them on different colored eggs -- but this is totally up to you. 🤍 I suggest at least 3 different patterns so your end product has a variety of designs. Let the eggs dry completely before placing them in a bowl or centerpiece.

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What is your favorite piece of Easter décor to add to your spring home style?

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Wendy Simon
Wendy Simon
Mar 31, 2021

They are so beautiful! You have a lot of talent, Nettie.😍

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