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Cozy White Bedding

Updated: May 14, 2021

White bedding may be a bold choice for our hobby farm, but I just love how welcoming, clean and cozy a plush white bed is. Read on for how I chose and styled my white bedding for a plush and cozy bedroom. 🤍

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I think the key to having all white bedding that is not boring, is to make sure you have plenty of textures and plain fabrics mixed together. The anatomy of our bed is (3) standard pillows, (2) king pillows, (3) euro pillows, duvet & cover, quilt, and bedskirt. For a full or queen size bed, you would only need two euro pillows, no king pillows, and 2-4 standard pillows. (We like a lot of pillows so we can prop up to read.) On top of these standard pieces, I think you can always add more throw pillows and blankets, but for our bed we kept it simple with just pillows, shams, quilt and duvet.

For the duvet cover and matching king pillowcases/shams I chose a very simple and plain light fabric that is not too heavy in the summer. It does have a ruffle on all edges to give a little more texture. On top of that, we have a quilt and matching euro shams that is thicker for the winter months and has a lot of dimensional patterns. Depending on your style, your pattern can be girly and romantic, linear or geometric or somewhere in between like ours. You want to match the pillow shams with your duvet and quilt bedding in the same order that it is layered on the bed. For example, our duvet is under our quilt and our king pillows are layered behind our euro pillows, so the king pillows match the duvet and the euro pillows match the quilt. Our bed has only a headboard so we also needed a bed skirt. Because we have texture on the other pieces, I chose a very simple straight linen. (I like to spend a little more on my quilts, shams and duvet covers and go way budget for sheets and pillowcases that have more daily wear and tear. I found some amazing super cheap Amazon sheets that we use for all the beds in our house. They are super soft and hold up well to multiple washes.)

If you are interested in how I style the rest of my bedroom, follow me in the app! Last week I also started creating bedroom lookbooks (pictured below). Follow me or check back on my Shop page each week for new home design lookbooks and inspiration. 🤍 Shop my white bedding and other bedroom items below.

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What is your bedroom style? Tell me in the comments!


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