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Nubian Goats

We raise ADGA registered Nubian goats. We milk select does for milk, yogurt, cheese and other dairy for our family. Available animals are listed on this page.

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Get In Touch!

If you are interested in any of the animals listed on this page (or have any other question about future availability) please reach out!

For Sale

Goats For Sale

Buckling: Parsley
Male | born April 3, 2023

Our most gorgeous baby from this year! Parsley is the biggest of Doe: Juniper & Buck: Chive's triplets. He loves pets and snoozing in the hay.

Buck: Chive
Male | born Feb 2022

Chive was our buck for our spring 2023 kidding season. He really delivered in bringing some color to our herd! He bred all our does without problem and stays friendly and docile even when in rut. 

Buckling: Clove
Male | born March 29, 2023

Clove is one of Doe: Sage & Buck: Chive's twins. He is spitting image of daddy and is the sweetest buckling ever since he was born. He loves snuggles & scratches.

Lavender Orpington Male

Ok, not a goat... but we have one available Lavender Orpington Rooster. Born mid-March 2023. He is very friendly and gorgeous, we just don't need a rooster on the farm :)

Buckling: Curry
Male | born Feb 8, 2023

Curry is one of Doe: Lavender & Buck: Chive's twins. He is also spitting image of daddy. He is quick buddies with whoever he is rooming with in the pasture and loves scratches and treats.

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