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The HR Homestead

Hi, I'm Nettie! I am a farmer, mama and graphic designer passionate about taking care of land and animals, living sustainably and beautifully in our modern farmhouseand empowering others to discover the joys of homesteading and simple living. 


I have dreamt of owning land of my own since I was a little girl learning the ins and outs of homestead life from my grandpa, Henry Richard. (Psst that's him and my gramma in the black and white photo). I was taught lasting lessons of the fruits of hard work, patience and tolerance, and a deep bond with nature and all her living things during summers with my grandparents in East Texas. 


My husband, Clay, and I finally bought our little slice of heaven in the Texas Hillcountry after years of looking, and though my grandpa is not here in person to help me figure out the reality of working our land and animals, I know his spirit and the lessons of the past will guide us as we navigate the simplicity and joy of our homestead life on our land.

The HR Homestead, named for my grandpa Henry Richard, is home to our flock of hens, Nubian goats and their Livestock Guardian Dogs, AQHA horses, a loveable GSP pup, feisty barn cats, and numerous plant babies. Follow along as we grow and figure out this wonderful homestead life!

Meet Our Homestead Crew

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