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Excerpts from HR: Introduction

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

My grandfather, Henry Richard, journaled constantly and going back to read what was going on in his life and on the farm is so special for me. A small twist: he never wrote in a journal -- only in margins of books he was reading. So nothing is in order and you never know what you're going to get.


The HR Homestead was named for my grandfather, Henry Richard, who introduced me to the wonderful world of farming and taking care of livestock. Every morning or evening, when he came inside, he would sit down in his "easy chair", pick up whatever book he was reading or was sitting on the side table at the time, and write a journal entry in the margins. He dated every entry, some were long and thoughtful and some were short and just notes on animal breeding schedules or weather.

Since he has passed, my mom and I have all of his books somewhere in one of our homes. Just picking a random one up and reading what he was journaling at some point is so much fun and it's always a surprise what you're going to get. I thought I would start sharing some of them with you lovely friends so you can learn from his nuggets of wisdom and get to know the man I admire so much and try to emulate on our homestead. 🖤


Read his journal entries in the Excerpts from HR blog section.



Do you have hand written notes from your grandparents? Tell me in the comments!


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